Chasing Saves

RP Power Rankings – 5×5

Closers are becoming an extinct position in fantasy baseball. Sure there are a few actual closers in MLB. But as younger, more analytically driven managers take over, bullpens are being used more efficiently. Since high-leverage moments are often not in the 9th inning, a team’s most effective reliever should not be tied to an arbitrary moment in the game.

In the new landscape, saves are going to be increasingly more unpredictable to come by. Certain (old school) managers will opt to go with one guy for saves, while others old and young will be using a bullpen by committee and deploying arms at the most opportune moment.

Of course, players that have already established themselves as elite closers will hold onto the 9th inning longer. The 2021 White Sox are an excellent example of an old school manager (Tony LaRussa) that just signed an established, and elite closer (Liam Hendriks). Meaning, don’t bother chasing saves with other White Sox relievers.

Relief Pitcher Power Rankings – 5×5 Roto

This list will rank relievers based on a combination of expected potential saves as well as how much the pitcher will help in roto leagues.

Elite Tier

1. Liam Hendriks

2. Craig Kimbrel

3. James Karinchak

4. Josh Hader

5. Aroldis Chapman