MLB Opening Day Plays and Dog of the Day

It’s Opening Day 2021 for Major League Baseball, and the first true Opening Day since wagering became legal in Illinois. With that said, I will be trying to take a conservative approach when betting baseball this season.

It can be too easy to take too many favorites, therefore paying much more juice than you typically would when spread-betting. And with baseball being an unpredictable sport from game to game, betting solely on favorites is a losing proposition.

So, of course, the plays you see below still are peppered with favorites. This will be a transition for me. However, the favorites I’m playing on below I believe are all mis-priced, giving us value and a playable edge.

But in an effort to unlock the power of playing on underdogs in baseball, I will be selecting one underdog each morning as the Dog of the Day. This will always be a 1-unit play. So, if the team is +150 the play will be bet 1 unit to win 1.5 units. I’ll track this throughout the season and see how profitable or unprofitable it can be to be selective and just play on one underdog each day.

With that said, I’ll be betting on both dogs and favorites. But I think the dog of the day will be an interesting experiment.

MLB 2021 Opening Day Plays

-New York Yankees -157 vs. Toronto Blue Jays, Cole vs. Ryu

-Cleveland Indians -164 vs. Detroit Tigers, Bieber vs. Boyd

-Tampa Bay Rays -136 vs. Miami Marlins, Glasnow vs. Alcantara

-Chicago White Sox -112 vs. Los Angeles Angels, Giolito vs. Bundy

Dog of the Day

-Rangers +136 vs. Royals, Gibson vs. Keller

The pitching matchup of Kyle Gibson vs Brad Keller does not move the needle either direction. And while Kansas City rightfully has a little helium heading into the season, there is no compelling reason for them to be favorites at this number. When you can find a coin flip game at +136, you take the value.

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